Shop Link Leads to non-Ezlo Product?

Seems a bit unusual to link prospective Ezlo Hub customers to an unrelated product (namely, the Vistacam 1101) on your “Shop” page?!?

I’d expect it to link instead to the actual Ezlo Hub with product details and pricing, etc. I’m constantly noticing mismatches of this nature on your site.


Thanks for noticing this Libra.

I’ll forward this to the responsible team. If you happen to stumble upon similar issues, please use this thread.

Oh, c’mon, guys, get it together!

Ezlo just sent out a marketing email touting discounted items for purchase, but I no sooner click on one than I find it leads to…

…you guessed it, “PAGE NOT FOUND” error!

Test E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G before it goes out. Everything!

Hi Libra,

Thanks for the heads up and sorry. We’re still trying to keep up with coordinating work from home people from three continents. Indeed there are two links broken in the title of the product but the CTA’s work.
This is not an excuse.

Full promo landing page with all products is here:

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While on the topic of links, please point me to the link that describes how to use the latest Atom scene creation capabilities. Saw it somewhere, but can’t find it now that I need it again.

Here you go:

Thanks, Sorin. This helps, but doesn’t address the NOT capability. Also, not obvious how one edits a scene to change a time, etc. Seems to require deletion and re-creation. Maybe more features with v2?