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So jumping back into the Vera / Ezlo pool, pre ordered the Ezlo Plus which gave a release date of Mid April. I see posts about people having teh Ezlo Plus since late 2020 early 2021. Is this a new(er) version or were the others beta? Either way is there any update as to when they will be shipping?


The ones that shipped last year were beta units, some without covers, power adapters, etc. I’ll be interested to hear when the commercially available ones ship, as well.


Given the current chip shortage going on, additional delays have come into place. As new batches arrive at the warehouse, they are shipped to customers that preordered in the order those orders came in. Many have shipped and been set up already. I suggest you send in a support ticket to with your order number so we can check the status of the order for you.

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I ordered mine early on and have it installed for about a month now. It seems pretty solid and stays online, but functionality is somewhat limited right now. Hopefully some additional functionality will arrive concurrent with your order. There is some additional functionality that EZLO is working on such as a web based app, rules engine, and further Alexa capability, but I am not sure when that functionality will,arrive

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Hello @Grwebster

We’re working day by day to our Ezlo controllers certainly define what Home Automation means. That’s why we’re also inviting our community of users to be part of this huge project by allowing you to create device integration requests, participating in selecting the new Ezlo Rule engine, and so on. Also, our development team is actively working on solving some of the issues that have been reported so you can rest assure that the Ezlo environment is growing stronger every day.


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