Shift back to home dashboard after a certain time

Hi all,

Is it possible to add a timeout to move back to the home dashboard set?

I have a main dashboard with 6 large icons for example lights etc. When selecting lights and doing whatever i need to do I want to walk away and then after a set time have the dashboard change back to the home dashboard.


I tell the Imperihome add on in a scene every 30 minutes to go to the home page. Works well enough that I see the home page when I walk by most of the time (probably 99% of the time) and is pretty easy to set up.

Thanks mate ill try it out.

Would be good to have it within the app and might ask to see if it can be included.


While you are messing with it you may want to tell it to go to your security page when a security sensor it tripped or maybe the weather page when a weather even occurs. it is a nice feature.