Shelly Pro 3EM

Hello everyone,

My electricity meter cabinet will be replaced soon and I would like to get data about current electricity consumption here. The Shelly Pro 3EM seems suitable for this. But maybe someone has an alternative tip for me.

Do you have any experience with the Shelly power meter on Ezlo controllers? Can the device be easily integrated? There doesn’t seem to be a plugin specifically for this yet. But it might be possible with the HTTP plugin (but I haven’t managed to use it yet). Alternatively, you could perhaps pull the data from the Shelly Cloud, although for me that would only be an emergency solution.

Hi @Odysee

Yes it is doable with IP Devices section

I used this HTTP API docs from SHelly site:

assuming you get this value as metered total:

also you can get the URi as I marked there

After model created you should create device

Need to set port to 80 for now.

You should be able to see your device in devices list. And you can change config

Please give it a try and share your feedback with us.

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Thank you for the feedback. Then I’ll have a device like this installed and report back.

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The Shelly PRO EM 3 is now installed and I’m currently trying to integrate it. Unfortunately, I fail to create the template, which now looks a little different than in the example. Unfortunately, the error message does not indicate where something else is wrong or not entered:

I would recommend using GET as the method type.
And also do not use the first backslash in the URI “/rpc/EM.GetStatus?id=0” instead use “rpc/EM.GetStatus?id=0”

I was able to create the template and the device.


But no values are displayed. How can I test whether all the information is correct? The status is always “synced” no matter which address or port is specified. Where can I look up the port? No ports are mentioned in the information in the Shally app?

It seems to work with mqtt too. Would that be easier to manage?

Did u try the direct http URI in your browser ?

does it return the expected result when you try it ?

I get the following:

{"id":0,"a_current":1.506,"a_voltage":0.0,"a_act_power":0.0,"a_aprt_power":0.0,"a_pf":0.00,"a_freq":0.0,"b_current":0.572,"b_voltage":0.0,"b_act_power":0.0,"b_aprt_power":0.0,"b_pf":0.00,"b_freq":0.0,"c_current":0.528,"c_voltage":230.0,"c_act_power":101.5,"c_aprt_power":121.4,"c_pf":0.84,"c_freq":50.0,"n_current":null,"total_current":2.607,"total_act_power":101.524,"total_aprt_power":121.375, "user_calibrated_phase":[]}

Hello @Odysee

We have created a ticket (305469) because we need to get access to check a few things, but after that we’ll post the solution here on the thread so the community can see it.

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We’ve identified a bug on the dashboard related to this device and its consumption values. It’s been reported, and our developers are actively working on resolving it as swiftly as possible.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated on the progress. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you.