Shelly i3 as a cheap scene controller for your Vera

Shelly i3 is an unbelievably cheap (9,99 EUR/USD) WiFi device that’s part of the fantastic Shelly family. It supports REST API, MQTT and much more.

It’s just L,N and 3 inputs. No relays, so it’s a scene controller with bonus point to the fact that you can use your own buttons and keep the aesthetics of your house. Bonus points for WAF. It’s very small, so it will fit in your standard wall box easily.

While I built my own Scene Controller Virtual Device and I’m using MQTT for other devices of the family, Shelly can call your HTTP endpoints on button presses and in this case is more than enough.

The buttons support different actions (press, long press, double/triple press) and you can just call a service endpoint, or update a variable:

This is working with Openluup as well, as you may imagine.
Go get it if you need a very cheap, very reliable scene controller for your home.

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Thanks for the heads-up on this. Not quite so cheap in the UK, but I’ve justordered a couple to try out.

You should get them directly from Shelly. Amazon sellers have them at double the price and when bought directly you can add insurance (10% of the price). I fried two because my outside box melted under the sun and they exchanged no question asked.

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