Sharing a TPI Connection between more than one Vera/Device

Have been using .38 plugin with Envisalink 3 for the past 2 months with Vera2 running UI5 (latest version)
All has been great.

Today we connected a VeraLite on same network and downloaded the same .38 DSC plugin and configured for the same Envisalink 3 that was already communicating with the VERA2 described above.

We kept getting the LuaFailure error on the VeraLite’s (new comer) DSC plugin.

So we rebooted (removed and reapplied power) for the Envisalink 3. At which point the VeraLite seemed to work ok…
But once the original VERA2 started communicating with the same Envisalink 3 we started getting the “LUA Failure” error on teh VeraLite’s DSC plugin.

Is there something that would preclude two VERAs from communicating with the same Envisalink 3 bridge?


The TPI interface on an Envisalink, much like a Serial port, can only have one (1) thing connected to it at any time. They’re not designed to be shared.

The connection from a single Plugin will consume that single TPI interface, so no other devices can connect to it. Each subsequent entity attempting to connect to the TPI will get an error.

When I used to flip between Vera’s to test a new build etc, then I used to change its configuration to a non existent IP address.

This is beyond the scope of this forum, but if you want to use the TPI API with more devices, I think somebody on the envisalink forum has done it by building a proxy for it that runs on another PC or device.

Thank you very much for this update/feedback.
As long as we know what the problem is, we are OK, and will find someother work around.
Thank you again for your support.