Setup IP cameras

Hey Veramate or any one else who knows, how can I get IP camera to display in Veramate. I have 4 IP cameras all connected back to BlueIris and NOT directly connected to my Vera hence they don’t show up as vera devices. I see the generic IP camera device in VeraMate but I have yet to figure out how to use it successfully using either cam direct access or thru Blue Iris which would be my preference.

Using Imperihome too and I can show camera’s easily there using the following:


These kinda work in VeraMate but the images are way too large and there is not way to scale them.

Any help would be great

I used the DVR plug-in to create 4 camera devices in Vera. When working in Vera, they should show up in VeraMate.

I really don’t want to install the camera’s directly into Vera as my Edge is pretty loaded right now and I fear 4 camera’s may cause some issues.

If you are running Blue Iris, the 4 cameras are displayed together as 1 device, to minimize the impact to Vera.

VeraMate does support an advanced option for an IP camera, but it requires you to enter all the specific commands. Ie, for retrieving the image, as well as any commands for movement. The other downside is, this bypasses Vera fully basically, meaning if you want to use it outside of your network, you will need to open a port in your firewall etc.

If you wanted to try, add a new button, and it’s the IP Camera down the bottom of the list.