Settings for Vera Alert LAN?

I have had some trouble with delays using Vera Alerts with the Vera Alert Mobile profile. I have Vera Alerts triggered by a virtual switch that sense if the iPhoneLocator app is home or away. Sometimes the Vera Alerts notification on my Android tablet is several minutes delayed, compared to the state of the switch.

I was thinking about using the Vera Alert LAN profile instead. The tablet is wall mounted and have a static IP in our network. However, I do not understand what do put in the settings?

Host: Is this the static IP?
Port: Pre filled with 2048. Is this something I should change?

When I try to send a message using a Vera Alerts LAN profile with the tablets IP nd port 2048 it do not work. What am I missing?

HOST is the static IP of the Vera Alerts Mobil device.
Port is a communications port # that must match on both the Vera Side and the Mobile side for them to connect.
The default should work … but in case of a collision with some other software on your mobil devices … you can pick another number.

So I manually entered the port of 2048 and it has a static IP (using ethernet, not WiFi) to my tablet running Vera Alerts (HP Slate 21).

I can’t seem to have alert show up. I don’t think I need the “register” and device ID as I’m not using the mobile.

Any ideas why this doesn’t work?

Vera LAN Mode currently only works in WIFI mode.
If Wifi mode is not ON it assumes its in cellular mode and can’t establish a server socket.
Most cellular networks will not allow a mobile device to be a “server”.
They can try … the service providers will not forward connection requests.

Well i think ethernet connections would be rare. Nothing beats them when for your WiFi is as congested as my neighborhood.

With my slate, when you enable WiFi, it disables ethernet…so it’s a tough choice.

If you ever pickup a HP Slate 21 or USB Ethernet Adapter ( in your travels…please consider adding support for an ethernet card.

PS - All of google’s locations services also fail without wifi on. Really only cool for Google Now stuff IMHO

I can relax the tests, I did not want to waste power if the Wifi was disabled.