Setting up Panasonic BL-C121A camera

I am trying to setup the Panasonic BC-C121A camera with Vera. I have followed the instructions and set it up and I can access the jpeg file on the camera by entering the following address in the browser.

I can save the image and it is indeed a .jpg file (image).

The camera has a static address

I then enter the following in Vera

IP Address:
Path: nphMotionJpeg?Resolution=320x240&Quality=Standard

and I am not getting an image.

Has anybody gotten this Panasonic camera to work


I have a BL-C111A and noticed that I do not need to specify a port in the IP address for it to work (so trying removing the :60006).

Also, my path/URL is this: /SnapshotJPEG?Resolution=640x480&Quality=Standard so try adding the leading forward slash?

You may want to also try substituting SnapshotJPEG for nphMotionJpeg in the path/URL, b/c nphMotionJpeg does not work in Vera for me tho it does if I browse to it directly.

Lastly, did you input the correct username and password into Vera’s config for the camera?




Unfortunately the BL-C121 is slightly different than the BL-C111 (which I also have and it was easy to setup).

I have tried all your suggestions and still a no go.

BTW, the Linksys WVC80N works well as well.


It seems that unlike the notes on the MiCasaVerde Wiki, the camera out of the box gets an address if you have DHCP enabled on your router/firewall. It gets the last address that is available on the network for example is your gateway address is then the camera will have Then you can do all the setup from a web browser. So you do not need the CDROM to setup the camera.


With help from the good folks at MiCasaVerde I got the camera to work.

Here are my settings:

IP Address:
Path: /SnapshotJPEG?Resolution=640x480&Quality=Standard