Setting up motion trigger

I just set up two Foscams with my system – an outdoor FI8904W, and an indoor FI8910W. I want to make it so when motion is triggered with them, I get a txt message and a video is archived from 10s before trigger to 30s after.

Haven’t found any UI to this yet…can someone help? Thanks.

you have to install the motion detect plugin for vistacam. set state to 1
in the motion detector you can set the notification and video options or make a scene and in trigger tab put the motion detector in state device triggered when armed and add notification to that.

Thanks i was also looking for this.
Did exactly what you said, but where are the video files archived?

in micasaverde servers, you have about 1GB of storage for each camera. if they didnt change anything in the meanwhile that im not aware of. pics and video are in UI5 > Account > My alerts.

Thanks so much – I tried your suggestion and it worked for one of my cameras. However, the FI8910W doesn’t seem to have a state field in its advanced settings. I tried switching,15189.0.html its impl_file from wintop to I_FoscamPTZ.xml, but it doesn’t help (Though the camera still works). Any thoughts?

Also – would much appreciate if you could take a look at the related question at [url=,15189.0.html],15189.0.html[/url].

Thanks Da_JoJo.

One other note – for the camera that does correctly have the motion sensor set up, I have the trigger working but it seems to only be taking image snapshots when fired – it takes about 4 over the course of the 9 seconds I have it programmed to record video.

Could there be settings somewhere about how video is recorded that are messed up (also relating to the issues viewing videos I asked about in the other thread)?

I also am playing with pre-roll settings since I would like 5 seconds of video to be recorded pre-trigger, in addition to the 9 seconds post trigger…not sure how that could be affecting things.

Thanks again for any help in advance.


No support for video yet. I hope that’s changing soon.

changes are comming in like you have to pay subscription for it to work (at least you would hope it does)