Setting up DSC via IP on Vera 3, confused on where you enter your pin

So I got everything wired, installed the plugin, ran the config to the IP of the IT100, then Vera3 (latest IU5) created a bunch of sensor zones. Each zone in devices has an arm button, but it doesn’t do anything. I think I am missing something somewhere, like where maybe I put in my pin code or something.



When you setup the DSC alarm, the plugin will create several devices. You will see the DSC Plugin device and also something that says “Partition 1” or something similar in that area. Another way to tell is, the device will look like a like and have a status text. This can be located under the device tab and then in other. If you click on the wrench of that device, you can than see the options to arm, disarm and so for and there will also be a text box to enter the keypad.

As the arm/bypass buttons for each of those devices are meant for Vera and work with Vera’s scenes.

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This is just too cool

Now I see that device. So to use it now you setup scenes on arming, do you include all your zones plus the alarm panel or system. In devices I have alarm panel and system.

On another note, I couldn’t find anywhere on this vera how to assign it a static IP. I know how to access it remotely, when local though is there a standard web address to connect to it or do you enter the IP in the url.
I remember when setting it up going to and it found it locally

thanks again

So you can always goto, and login (etc). Whether you are Remote or Local, it’ll handle getting you to the correct address.

If you know the IP Address that Vera is on, and this will be specific to your local network, you can also just connect to it via http://.

If you’re using DHCP for IP Addresses within your home, then this address might change over time.

In this case, most of us simply configure our home Routers to ensure that Vera gets the same IP Address from DHCP (typically done by associating the MAC Address (printed on the bottom) with a fixed IP Address so that your Home router can “identify” Vera over and over and ensure it’s supplied with the same IP)