Setting up a generic camera

I have a Vera Lite I’m doing a review for my blog, and i’m setting up a generic camera since I don’t have one of the camera brands supported at the moment. If i don’t select a camera type, it goes through the process and shows me the still image from the camera but won’t save that configuration and doesn’t give any warnings of missing information, just don’t see the camera anywhere. If I select a camera type of “generic IP camera” it goes through it’s stuff but I just get a red X for the camera image but lets me save it and I see the camera in my list, but no image.

When I added the IP Video 9100A manually, all I had to do was copy/paste “D_DigitalSecurityCamera1.xml” into the “advanced” tab "device_file category (which was blank) and the camera then shows up correctly. Hopefully its that simple for you


I recently connected my analog cameras to an IP9100A and have them working in Vera. Had to make the same change to the advanced settings.

My question is can you do motion detection from IP9100A camera images? If so I sure haven’t found out how to do it.