Setting thermostat via Vera Scene while away for the day to override therm sched

Hey Richard, So I now have two Zwave Honeywell thermostats connected to my system. I wanted to know a little more on how Vera and scenes interact or could interact with my heating/cooling. I remember you saying you have a pretty good heating/cooling setup. What I’m looking to do for example, is if we are going out the entire day, have the heating set to XX degrees. Ideally I would create a scene “Out for the Day”, in turn this would set my thermostats to XX, but how does that work if I have my thermostat schedule? ie, if we have return at 5pm set for XX temp with the “out for the day” scene override that? or if i select out for the day it won’t matter because at 5pm the thermostat program will kick in as set? How do you work it? Also from an efficiency standpoint, I’m not sure if it’s worth lowering the heat significantly as it will take alot to get it back up to temp, but that’s a side point… Mainly concerned how I can set something up like the above.