Setting motion sensor to be active in STAY to work w/ Scenes, is this possible?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this so I also posted in the lighting Forum (if i need to remove just let me know which one). Soo. I have my VeraPlus hooked up to my Vista 20p Alarm panel and using the Ademco Vista Panel Plug-in. I want to set a scene/rule up for example that if no motion is picked up by one of my Honeywell motion detectors then the light will go off. Now I can see this working when the alarm panel is disarmed, BUT when I arm the panel in STAY mode it “bypasses/disarms” the motion detectors. Is there anyway around this so they would stay active for Vera/Scene purposes? Or that would conflict with the arming state of STAY?

I think you just need to use your scene trigger to use: whenever the device detects motion whether it is armed or disarmed. I use my motion sensors all the time for scenes without arming them.

I tried creating a scene whenever “XXX” detects motion whether armed or disarmed, notify me and it wouldn’t work.

In that case, is the motion sensor actually detecting motion? If so is the evl3 detecting it? You should be able to verify by checking the status on eyes-on’s website. There is a little log of recent activity

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No, it doesn’t seem to be detecting motion. I believe that when I put it in STAY/NIGHT mode, it bypasses the motion detectors and no activity on EVL or Vera. So I guess if the Vista20p bypasses them when in STAY mode, they are deactivated and no way to utilize them for Vera.

The Vista panels DO NOT report motion events when not disarmed. This is a limitation of the alarm panel.

Workaround is to place the motion sensors that you want to monitor on a separate partition… read the BIG thread for details.