Setting Device Options

I have some of the RadioShack GE Zwave dimmers. In reading the manual there is a way to adjust the dimming rate. For example it indicates:

  • Parameter 7 (number of steps or levels) - Parameter 8 (timing of the steps) - Length: 1 Byte

I have the dimmer registered to the Vera2. I looked through the settings of the devices in the Vera and found no where obvious where I could specify these values. Can someone point me in the correct direction?


Go to the “Device Options” tab

About halfway down you’ll see: Configuration Settings with a button that says “Add Configuration Settings”
Click that

You can add each of the parameters in there…

Uou just have to open the Device Options (the little wrench on the device little window), click Device Options tab, and under configuration settings you can enter the config you want

I.E, Led Light Off when light is off

Variable 3
Data Size 1 byte hex
Desired Value 1