Set up Vera Lite With Wireless Bridge

I would like to take the Vera Lite on the road for demonstration purposes. Therefore I would like to use my laptop as a wireless bridge to give the Vera Lite Internet access.

On the laptop I have a wireless card and a wired Ethernet port. I also have a mobile hotspot from my mobile carrier with DHCP. I have bridged the two connections using the Networking control panel applet.

I can get to the Internet no problem from the laptop. However I cannot seem to figure out how to configure the Vera Lite’s networking to have it get on the Internet. As a test, I did hook up another PC directly to the laptop’s wired Ethernet port and I was able to get on the Internet using that PC. The networking setup on the PC was automatic IP and automatic gateway config.

I tried directly connecting the Vera Lite to the wired Ethernet port on the laptop and I tried putting a switch in the middle. Neither work.

Any idea what the networking setup on the Vera Lite should specify?

Got it working … here’s the Vera Lite networking screen in case anyone is interested … (attachment).

Hi Paul,

Newbie here…I am in a similar situation, computer has wi-fi access to internet, and has a LAN that I plug Vera Lite into…how can I get Vera to access the internet? How did you bridge the 2 ?

Just like my situation, you have 2 networks operating on your PC. One is for the wireless radio to talk to your router and one is for the wired network inteface card (NIC) to talk to Vera Lite. So, in order for VeraLite to see the Internet, you must “bridge” (allow traffic to flow from one network to the other) these 2 networks together. Here is what I did:


Hi Paul, thanks for the reply. I tried but I get the following message: “To create a Network Bridge you must select at least two LAN or High-Speed Internet connections that are not being used by Internet Connection Sharing”…any idea what I’m doing wrong?

ok, I have the two bridged now, but Vera still has no internet connection…

I am not sure what the problem is. Here’s a wild thought and some questions:

Does your VeraLite ip address respect the ip conventions of your wireless network without duplication? In other words, you want to specify a static ip address for the VeraLite like: ???.???.???.XXX where the question marks are the exact same as your wireless ip addressing scheme and the XXX is different than anything else.

Does your laptop have Internet access?

What is the ip of your wireless connection (click Start, then type in cmd in the box and then type in ipconfig) ?

What is the ip address of VeraLite?

Well, here is what I have done. I did this so that I could get the veralite into the room with the alarm panel so that I can hook an ad2usb device. As you may know, the ad2usb uses a usb connection to get from the device to the veralite.

Since I didn’t have a cable for the internet connection in the alarm room, I purchased a tp-link wrn702n to act as an Ethernet wireless adapter. if you look or google devices that people use to connect their television or games to their wireless network, this is one of those devices. It has about 5 different ‘modes’, and the mode for this usage was client. I configured the tplink to basically log into my wireless network which is a uverse gateway router. So, now I have vera plugged into the tplink, and the tplink wirelessly connected to my network and I can do everything with veralite that I could do when it was connected via wire and sitting next to my computer. I miss seeing the lights, ha.

Next week, an installer is coming to make some programming changes to my vista 20p alarm and will connect the ad2usb to the panel. I will then connect that to the vera lite sitting next to it, and my hope is that the tplink will have no problem transmitting the alarm information to my wireless network. I can’t imagine the volume will be very high.

in the interest of full disclosure, I actually have a 5 port switch between the tp-link and veralite. This is to accommodate an envisalink which I want to experiment with. The switch gives me the ability to connect more than one device to the tp-link router. if you are using dhcp, I suggest that you try to assign a specific id to the tp-link device and set it much higher than your normal dhcp assignments to keep it from interfering because in client mode it handles its own ip address in a strange way that I don’t completely understand.