Set Target Temp not working - 2gig CT100

Hi all,

I have a Vera Lite and 3 2gig CT100 thermostats. I can see the thermostats and they display the current temp correctly and the mode settings all work (switching between Auto, Heat, Cool, etc) however the Vera doesn’t display the Target Temp and I can’t get the thermostats to respond to any change in Target Temp issued from the Vera. I think this worked when I first set the thermostats up about a month ago, but I just upgraded the Vera firmware in order to get iPhone access via the app. After the upgrade, they all showed temps in Celsius so I had to mess around with some settings to fix that and may have broken something in the process. I have tried a ‘heal’ of the Z-Wave network, this didn’t help. I’ve also deleted and re-added one of the devices and this didn’t help. I also have a Kwikset lock and this works fine.

Thanks for any help

I see a lot of folks experiencing these issues with thermostats on UI6. Have you tried putting in a trouble ticket with MCV?

Super Noob reporting for duty, sir!

I can’t seem to figure out how to manually adjust the target temperature from the MMS Vera App. Is it so easy I’m missing it or just simply not there?

How does one open a ticket? Support Ticket?

Another noobie here… I just got a TigerDirect version of the Vera Lite and two of the CT100 which I installed this weekend. One for the living area and another for the bedroom unit. Pairing was easy, but like CB3NN3TT am also seeing the temps reported in Vera in Celsius although the thermostats themselves are displaying Farenheit values.

I finally found out how to create a schedule using the initial (UI5?) front-end instead of the Advanced (UI6?) interface - shouldn’t be this hard - but I’m not sure Vera is actually talking with the thermostats to change the temperatures. The “scenes” are reportedly running, but I can’t see the details of what Vera thinks it should do for each, and the thermostats target temps are not changing.

Firmware is 1.6.641

Anyone else figure these quirks out?


Well, I can’t say I am sure this fixed my issue but I noticed in another thread someone referring to setting the “veratemperaturescale” variable to “F”. I figured, ok, let’s see what that does and went to one of my CT100’s advanced settings, found a “new variable” and “new value” items and entered for the new variable veratemperaturescale and F for the new value and almost immediately the display went from Celsius to Farenheit! But the next thing that happened is my thermostat kicked on - which it should have based on the schedule I had setup and which had not been working before. So, I went into the setup for the second thermostat and did the same thing with the same results. Both thermostats now read and have maintained the Farenheit displays and my schedules have started to work.

Has anybody else tried this and how did it work for you?

Which makes me wonder, is there a list of variables with definitions and parameters published somewhere?

The CT100 can display the relative humidity so it that something that could also be carried over to the Vera environment?


Mine strangely switched to Celsius today, but I managed to access the setting in UI5 and set it back to Fahrenheit. I did manage to create several scenes that allowed me to dictate a pseudo schedule, but I’ve still been unable to manually set the Target Temp through the MMS Vera App.

Of course, since the supposed “updates”, I’ve not been able to use the MMS Vera App at all and now I can’t even log into my VeraLite Unit via GetVera. It just says, “Loading Please Wait…”. I’ve installed the VeraMate App on my iPhone and that appears to be working.

I’ve created a trouble ticket… now I wait.

I ended up contacting customer support regarding this issue and just wanted to share that i was informed that the new firmware released today (21st Feb) fixed this issue. I was in the same boat, it was a firmware update that broke the functionality. Ive had my CT-100 for a year now and actually had 4 scenes I created in the Fall when temperatures dropped, which all had setpoint adjustments. This functionality was indeed there, on UI7, the weird thing was editing those scenes still wouldn’t allow setpoint adjustment, even though the description said that’s what it was doing. Anyhow, good news, the update fixes it, have tested myself already.

I installed the firmware update yesterday, but I have CT-101’s. I wonder if they’re fixed too. I’ll have to check when I get home.