Set a time based trigger?

I have a scene that turns the family room lights on every day 30 minutes before sunset.

I then have a delayed action to turn them off, but I can only set a time for it to wait. Since sunset changes setting to wait for 6 hours, for instance, to turn them back off can result in the lights turning off at importune times. I’d prefer to tell them to shut off at midnight or something.


Hello Mike,

In this case, you will need to create two scenes: one to turn them on and another to turn them off at a specific time, as you want them to turn off at the same time every day. This is how you need to do it using Vera and its scenes.

Using Ezlogic is simpler but you need an Ezlo Hub for it, you need to create a Meshbot using the “From Sunset Until Midnight” value and add an offset of 30 minutes to turn the light on. This would turn them on 30 minutes before sunset and turn them off at midnight just using one Meshbot. See the image below: