Servers down?

I haven’t been able to get remote access in two days.
Is anyone having any problems?

I haven’t had any problems recently. I use the server for remote access.

same here but the “server busy” just sits there then becomes unresponsive.
Can’t connect through Home Buddy either.
I’ll have to check my setup out I guess…

It sounds like your local Vera2 unit will need a powercycle or reboot to restore it. You may be able to reboot remotely if you log in with putty and issue the ‘reboot’ command.

Its working fine locally but I’ll cycle it anyways…can’t really find any other problems…

I had this problem yesterday, right now I have remote access.

Opening the firmware tab I only get:
Testing connection to: … OK
It wont open the firmware box.


same here, this is the first that happens to me. i used to access it remotely access through my iphone MO. it used to be fine for the last 6 months. since xmas eve until today, cannot access it from my iphone.

Noticed the same thing tonight when troubleshooting other problems… I get to the same spot when I hit that tab.

i felt like a schmuck when one of my relatives asked for me to show them how i remotely control my house and then it wouldn’t connect. what the heck is going on? mine is still down going on 3 days now ???

As Frazierwa suggested, I rebooted my Vera2 and guess what…it worked.
I don’t know why this happened or if there’s a reason it happened to others at the same.
I’ve never had to do this before so not sure what caused it.

Anyways thanks Frazierwa…

thanks for reporting back. i will try the same when i get home from work

i also rebooted my v2 yesterday. it partially worked yesterday. but today the snapshots and all are back in my iphone. pardon my stupidity. is reboot and power cycle the same?


Not sure that I agree that a power cycle and a reboot are exactly the same. Typically, some of the components will still have power throughout a reboot cycle and some problems may require “power off” to restore proper operation.

I stand corrected, I believe most are power cycling to accomplish a reboot