Server Busy

If your server is always busy how can you tell what it is busy doing?
I feel like a blind man trying to use this system…it never tells you what is wrong!

I’ll let someone post about possibly ssh-ing into the box to see what it is doing (probably have to check the logs to see what it just did).

In my experience, when I click “Save/Refresh” in the UI during a “Server Busy” message that seems to never go away, it seems to clear it in a few minutes. I believe most of the time it is doing stuff like compressing logs (I wonder why can’t Vera compress logs in the middle of the night on a schedule).

Sometimes I ask myself why Vera can’t do a lot of things. lmao!

How about some If/and/or/then conditional statements (w/out Lua). A little bit of simple logic through the GIU, please!

err, not b!tching… o’kay perhaps I am, just a little bit. Vera really isn’t half bad tho, not for 240 beans. so, overall my experience has been some what pleasant. I really think it comes down to the users of Vera and this community that keeps Vera going. lmao! This Forum really helps, I can tell you that!!!

The Server Busy issue came from Vera not being able to read one of my Leviton Zone controllers…It took forever to delete it from the system but when I finally did and my system went back to its reliable state!
Thanks for the input.
MiCasaVerde…it is very difficult to remove dead nodes from your system!
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What is the trick on removing a dead node in the latest firmware?

I went back to the old firmware…waiting on the fix for the DSC Alarm system.
I bet it is the same…I had to go into the advance properties on the dead node and change the value under “configured”…I can’t remember the value it needs. I had to fool the system into thinking the node was configured and set Vera to never poll…then I removed it.

I’ve had success with that strategy too, but not consistently. I did have to resort to resetting the network at some point.

Thank you, That gives me something to try at least. I have a Generic IO device left over from adding an HSM100 that I need to get rid of, under configured it has -1.