Serial Port configuration is gone? AD2USB

Hoping someone can help me out. I had to replace my AD2USB to Ademco Vista Panel adapter. The new adapter has been installed and is clearly talking to the Vista 20 panel. The guys from NuTech worked with me through remote desktop and confirmed the unit is installed and communicating with the Vista panel correctly.

Now comes the issue. I am on UI7, have 4 units briged on my property. All are showing the same issue. Check the photo below. The options to configure the serial port no longer exists. I called tech support for Vera, they tell me to replace the USB cable, so I did. They tell me to reboot the panel so I do. They say the USB port must be bad and that’s why the options to configure to do not show. I explain I have 4 units, none show the fields for Serial config. At the end of the day, Vera support tells me I have a bad USB cable. This exact setup was working just fine until the NuTech adapter went out and had to be replaced. I have replaced the USB cable, restarted the Vera box, Restarted the Alarm panel by removing power and backup power. The NuTech adapter receives its power from the alarm panel.

I’m lost here as I can’t configure the serial port as the fields to configure the port are not visible.

Vera Plus running 1.7.4970 (7.31)
The NuTech USB adapter has the latest firmware as well per NuTech.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

You mention that the replacement NuTech adaptor has the latest firmware. Is that firmware the same as the unit you replaced.

Can you connect your NuTech adaptor to a computer via the the serial to usb cable and open a console session to test if your unit is broadcasting successfully.

Have a look here. This will give you the ability to check the cable and the NuTech unit independent of the Vera controller

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