Sercom IP Camera Plugin v.4.32(39974) update LIVE

We’re releasing today a new Sercom IP Camera plugin version 4.32(39974) with the following:

New features:

  • Upgrade the VistaCam701 firmware to a new firmware*

* firmware contains the following fixes:

  • Fix the live streaming that was interrupted by an abnormal exit;
  • Fix the issue where recordings were not started when motion got detected.


  • Fix the issue with notification that were not sent when the motion sensor was tripped;
  • Removed from scene the trigger “whenever battery goes below“ as is not supported by the cameras
  • Removed from scene the trigger “whenever VistaCamXXX is being tampered with“ as the cameras don’t support it.
  • Code refactoring to reduce the cloud calls and improve the speed.

The plugin gets automatically updated if the camera is connected to power and is connected to the Internet.

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