Sequence question


isNight - Day or Night Sensor Is Night
isEvening - Schedule - Daily, start 16:00:00, stop 22:30:00
areHome - either of 3 iPhoneLocator devices have status “Present”.


isNight ; isEvening ; areHome

My expectation is that if the order of the inputs becoming true is the defined order (i.e. first isNight, then isEvening, then areHome), the condition is true.

I would (hope/expect) think that once either of the 3 changes state (from true to false), the condition becomes false too. Is that not a correct hope/expectation/thought?

The sequence times are set when Triggers and Conditions become true (note special rule for conditions with name that starts with _.
The Sequence can be true … But either of the first two conditions could be false, yet the sequence of 3 conditions is true!

Sequence expressions do NOT look at the current value of the sequence token … only it’s time stamp.

So is the only way to force reveal to _ (underscore) the inputs?

So is the only way to force reveal to _ (underscore) the inputs?

Sorry, I am missing something … I do not know what you are asking.

The underscore of the first character only applies to a Condition name.
In that case even if the condition is true, if it is evaluated to true again, it’s actions are run and it gets a new time stamp.
An underscrore in an input name does not do anything.