I have 2 cameras set up working with 2 “3in1” sensors. Thhe cameras are archiving pictures, but I was looking for a way to control the sensors (which archive the pictures when tripped). My only concern was a way to have some control of when the sensors are tripped. what happens, the cameras are constantly archiving pictures. Also, I can’t seem to find a way to have the lights not come on if there is enough brightness in the room. Everytime the sensors trip, the lights come on, and pictures are being archived. Anybody have any ideas, or have set up a senario similar. I spoke to MCV, and as far as archiving the pictures constantly, and apparently thats the way it works.
I tried setting up a couple of scenes, but no luck, the lights come on each time and stay on for 15 seconds (amount of time camera is taking pictures) which is set up correctly in the camera section. I don’t know if there is any program in luup, if there is, i’m lost.