Sensor update from Lua code

Hi there,

I’m using reactor to control a RS485 bathtub controller. I’m using this code in the RunLua:

local enter = string.char(0x0d, 0x0a);
local commandtosend = “HIDRO1:1;HIDRO1:1;” … enter;
local socket = require(“socket”);
local ADDRESS = “”
local PORT = “23”
c = assert(socket.connect(ADDRESS, PORT))
print("Sending Command:: " … commandtosend)
local sres, serr = c:send(commandtosend)
local data, rerr = c:receive(5)

It’s working OK so far. But…
If i send HIDRO1:?; as the command, it would return me 0 or 1 reporting if it’s off or on. Is there a way to query this value from the controller and, using the feedback, update the sensor status?

There’s an HTTP request action that can capture the response.


hi rigpapa,

it’s not http actually. the control i’m using, as posted, is a telnet command. The device doesn’t have a built-in http server, only a telnet interface (passwordless), as it acts as a bridge for a RS485 controller.

Create an expression/variable with no expression on the “Expressions” tab. Then add to your Lua:

luup.call_action( "urn:toggledbits-com:serviceId:ReactorSensor", "SetVariable",
    { VariableName="your-variable-name", NewValue=data }, )

You can then write a condition to check the variable value and react accordingly.

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