Sensor Charts, Remote Controls

So I’ve got a veralite, aeon multisensor, Foscom HD and a wall mounted nexus 7,

I’d really like to get my hands dirty with putting all of this in a custom interface to make it more guest friendly (as well as make the data more reachable for me when I’m away)

I plan on using Tasker (android) for creating a custom remote control and pulling in data from the vera but a few things I’m trying to figure out how to do first.

  1. Make a webpage that tells me what the current temp is, What the AC is set too, and shows me the Foscom feed.
    I know how to pull the Foscom video and put that in my own webpage (on my own apache) but I have no idea how to get data out of the verabox (or have it called upon by an html page)

  2. It be nice to start seeing some charts and stats on temperature, More specifically it be nice to see this compared to outside temps and maybe even the AC values. The best way I can think to do this is by setting up something that adds lines to a google sheet.

  3. I plan on using ispy for actually managing the whole camera system. This hopefully through vox or eventghost be able to send these images through autoremote and tasker to my mobile devices to alert me and show me the alert. Has anyone done something like that before?

  4. I’d like for the multisensor to trigger the cameras to record. (Am I wrong in thinking this is the more reliable trigger? motion sensing via cameras seem to produce a lot of false alarms) How can I get the vera to “push” some kind of notification to my server to I can tell ispy to start recording?

I’m not much of a web programmer, but I know my way around some HTML and I’m just looking for the basics of getting data out of the vera in a way that I can use it in tasker and my own site.