Sensi thermostat plug-in

I recently had my furnace replaced which sucked. Part of the installation included a Sensi thermostat which is controllable via phone or web. Has anyone heard of this or any options/projects to create a Vera plug-in for this type of thermostat?

I bought a pair of them - haven’t installed yet. I heard rumors of an API (but I think only for biz partners and not end user) but I don’t think their plan is for end user to be able to bring it into their home automation just yet but rather just use their app.

Any new development with this thermostat that anyone knows of??

I’m working on a plugin for the Emerson Sensi right now. I should have something available for beta testing in the next week or so.

Sounds good. Any progress? I assume you’re doing some sort of trickery as Emerson has that thing locked down pretty good.

I’m interested too. This is a great little thermostat for people that don’t have a c-wire but would like app/remote control. Unfortunately, it doesn’t (yet) talk to the Vera.

There is a java api wrapper.

Sorry all. I didn’t get notifications that anyone had replied to me.

I have a Vera plug-in for the Sensi that’s been running for the last 5-6 months without any issues. However, I’ve been totally unable to make it available on the app store. I went round and around with their support and finally gave up. I’m happy to make it available as a zip file for manual install for anyone that’s interested.


Yes please. I have this thermostat too and would love to add it to my Vera. I was going to switch it out to one of the Trane Z-Wave units that I sell but I would like to test out the Sensi too.

Very interested in this as well. I was happy to be able to include it with Echo but the lack of Vera support really kills most functionality for me. This would be great. very interested in what you are using that works.

any updates on the Sensi plug-in. I have one and will be adding 3 more for zone heating. Can you attach zip file to your post?

Since there is no plugin Available yet i would like to give you a solution to make sensi work with vera

unfortunately you will need to spend some money, the solution is to buy a WINK hub, this hub work with NEST and even the RING Doorbell,

so you can add the sensi thermostat on the wink and then pull the Wink device trought the Wink plugin on Vera

Attached is a zip file of the plug-in, plus a PDF with the installation instructions. I haven’t ever installed it from scratch so I’m probably missing some steps and maybe some files. Let me know if it doesn’t work and we’ll work through the process.

@Timothyegan, I only have a single thermostat so I haven’t been able to test the code to handle multiple. In theory the code is set up to handle up to 12, but I’m 99.99% sure you’ll run into bugs. Capture the logs from your Vera showing the error(s) and I’ll fix them as soon as I can.

BTW, I got an email notification of yatagx’s reply to this thread, but not from any of the others. I’m not sure it there’s something special that needs to be done to trigger them in the forum. If you post a reply and don’t get a response in a reasonable amount of time (couple of days?), PM me. I think that will trigger an email directly.

UPDATE 11/11/2017: Updated Zip with missing service file S_EmersonSensi1.xml

THANK YOU!!! this worked perfectly. thank you for the pdf. it took a while (i left & came back with very low expectations of this working) but when i got back, there was the child thermostat, ready with settings. YOUR AWESOME!!! i really appreciate this :slight_smile: finally i can have my thermostat on my vera!!

Yay! I wasn’t sure the instructions were complete so I’m VERY happy it worked for you. Let me know if you have any suggestions for documentation or program improvements.

hi Jalapeno,

I downloaded you zip to day and try to install following the steps in the PDF but as soon as I uploaded the files I got this error in my vera edge:

System error : Device: 22. Fail to load implementation file D_EmersonSensi1.xm

I continue with the steps and I’m able to create the device but then nothing happens.

I tried to reload the xml file but I get the same error.

any Ideas?

thanks in Advance

Did you use D_EmersonSensi1.xm or D_EmersonSensi1.xml? It should look like that attached picture. If you’re still having problems attach the Vera log showing the error and I’ll try to debug it.

I just tried to set this up and get an error when I enter my user/pass and hit login.

There’s a popup that says “ERROR: Invalid Service”

When I look through my luup files, I don’t even see the emerson sensi service file (S_EmersonSensi1.xml). Is that something that should be in the zip file in a previous post?

I simply installed the Honeywell app this was based off, downloaded that service file (S_HoneywellTCC1.xml), renamed it S_EmersonSensi1.xml, and uploaded that back to my Vera. Authentication was successful and it found my thermostat within 5 minutes!


Thanks for the bug report. I updated the zip with the S_EmersonSensi1.xml file and attached it to the original message. I must have missed it when creating the original zip.

Seems like great plugin

I was able to login, all devices were pulled from sensi

But when updating status it gives this for all devices

Status Unsuccessful. Error code: 7

Any tips please?

I don’t know what would cause it. Attach a log file and I’ll take a look.