Sense Energy Meter

Anyone tried out the Sense home energy meter? Seems almost too good to be true.


I tried it but had issue with my power panel being a 4 wire main input vs the more common 2 wire main input and had to return it because i could get the sensor loops to fit correctly. This being said i did have a chance to play with the software and UI was good. They stated they were working on a 4 wire main input solution and i would give a try again if this is the case.

When you say 4 wire, do you mean 3 phase with a neutral? I have not seen much 3 phase in residential, it is normally single phase.

240v main coming in but not sure if it is 3 phase or not.

240V is typically single phase. 3 phase is typically 208V phase to phase. In a 4 wire system you normally do not count the grounding conductor, which is what may have confused me. You probably have a 240V, single phase, 2 hot, 1 neutral, and a ground.

Here’s a pic I sent to Sense to help them troubleshoot my unusual readings I was getting on their app. Wasn’t especially impressed with their support however. Took them a while to figure out that it wasn’t a hardware or seating of the loop sensor issue but an issue with their system not having a 4 loop sensor option. Their upper level support finally figured it out. That being said if I had a standard installation I think the data would have been of good use to find all the energy hogs in my home.

I’ve had the Sense since it came out, but haven’t thought about connecting to Vera until I finally this weekend upgraded the Vera 3 to UI7. I had to reset everything to do it though - unfortunately.

Sense seems pretty good with the app and it rarely disconnects from wifi - maybe once per year so far.

When you say ‘connecting to Vera’, how are you doing that? I am not aware of any apps/plugins for Vera which can utilize the Sense API. Maybe I am missing something?

If you are asking me, I haven’t done so. I just saw this thread and was replying to it thinking that there might be a way give it had Sense and Vera.