Sending the msg in the notification using Pushbullet


Just checking if the recent VA update now allows to have the body of the alert sent in the notification itself instead of the generic notification (“note: Vera Alert from:xxxx”), and then having to open Pushbullet to see the details (“Bob opened the front door”).

If so, what is the syntax to be included in the configuration?



Thanks. It says I’m on 6.39 (not 6.37).
I changed the msg prefix to be this and let’s see how it goes. My goal is to just have time stamp and the msg in the notification itself without need to launch pushbullet. Fingers crossed!

{DateTime(CurrentTime,%m/%e, %H:%M)}-{title={Msg}}


So it didn’t work using only the msg prefix. It only sent the title msg but no time stamp.

As a workaround, I added the time stamp syntax into each notification cfg and then it worked. I removed it from the msg prefix.

It also added “note” to the beginning of each msg which I couldn’t figure out how to remove but I suppose that’s not a big deal.


{title={DateTime(CurrentTime,%m/%e, %H:%M)}–{Msg}}

Works great, thanks!

How do I send the same notifications to another iPhone using pushbullet (with a different PB login)?

You need a second profile.

Hi - do I add this as the prefix in the profile screen, or into each bit of LUA that calls the plugin?

thanks for a great plugin,


Either will work … If you want to do this for every message then put it in the message prefix is appropriate.

Thanks. This works great when I push a normal message using pushbullet, but if I push a picture the pop-up notification on my iphone shows the filename of the jpg image and not the title I chose.

The code I’m using looks like this:

luup.call_action("urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1", "SendAlert", {Message= "Doorbell ringing{Picture(83)}{title=Doorbell}", Recipients="Pushbullet_Dan"},93)

Is there anything I can add to fix this?

I have version 6.39 of the app. No message prefix is set in the profile.

many thanks!

Same happens to me when I have a pic sent to pushbullet using notifications (jpg filename).

I have to look at this again …I think there is a limitation when you send a file.

thanks - would be great if you could. I would use pushover instead, as it seems a better, faster and more robust service - but (unless I’m missing something) it doesn’t at present support sending jpegs…

Just to add: the latest version of the pushbullet app seems to fix this (or did you update your plugin and I didn’t notice?)