Sending Instant Messages using LUUP code

I’ve scoured this site hoping to find something that tells me if one can send an instant message to a cell phone using luup code, but have not found anything. I’ve seen other methods like Vera Alerts and PLEG, but nothing specifically using luup code.

What I’d like to setup is a scene using schedules that launches several times after dark. All the scene would do is check the status of my garage door sensor using luup code. If the sensor is not tripped is would end the scene with return false. If the garage door sensor is triggered I would like to send an instant message to my phone telling me the door is open.

It would be nice if one could send an instant message from a scene schedule without a trigger involved (it appears that Vera only allows IMs from the trigger tab). That way I could have the scene launch at specific times after dark with the sole purpose of sending an instant message. Luup code attached to the scene could evaluate the garage door sensor status and return false if not triggered to end the scene, or return true if the sensor is triggered allowing the scene to send an instant message.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m new to this, so please be gentle…