Sending Http get cgi commands to control relays for garden irrigation

Hi All,
I recently bought an ethernet controlled relay board that support http commands. I am planning to use this for controlling water valves for garden irrigation.

The board supports HTTP GET CGI protocol
Status of relay board

To switch on a particular relay, say relay#1

Is there any app readily available that I can use in combination with reactor to schedule watering the garden.

Thanks for your help.


It would seem that you don’t need an app… simply use luup.inet.wget() within Reactor to send the appropriate commands?

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If you want virtual water valve, take a look at my virtual http devices plug-in:

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There’s an HTTP request action in Reactor, so you don’t even need to write Lua


@akbooer @therealdb @akbooer Heyy Guys, Thank you so much for the prompt response. And sorry for not replying earlier, had a heck of a day/s, and yesterday my Vera Secure Zwave network reset itself so trying to solve that… had to buy a new Vera Edge for replacing this unit… it is going to be a mission…

However, thanks for the suggestions and showing me the path, will go through your feedback and implement it, will then let you know how it went.