Sending a data string to Vera via http

Is there a way to send an http data string to Vera perhaps to multi-string that Reactor can use as an expression to determine a condition. The idea is to send tv channel data string such as “Channel 2”, etc…that can be held in a variable until it is replaced. I am a bit confused about multi strings capabilities or if there is an alternative to achieve this.

I currently have about 10 channels set up using an individual switchboard virtual binary switch for each channel and Reactor handles the logic. They are tied into Google home for voice control. It works very well but I am trying to avoid creating hundreds of virtual switches. I the idea is to send Http strings from IFTTT. That part I can set up pretty easily with one recipe as long as I can get an http command working with Reactor, etc…

Figured it out using Multi String, Reactor, and IFTTT with google assistant and webhooks.