Send notification when pin entered on DSC alarm panel

I currently have an envisalink 3 attached to my DSC alarm panel. I’d like to get notified when a particular individual enters their PIN. I’m trying to setup a scene, in the trigger section I have set the following:

Device: DSC Alarm System
Type of event: A PIN code is entered
Name of trigger: pinEntered
User: 0
*Checked my user name under the notification section

I’ve tried these settings but no notifications . I’ve tried changing the number on the User field, but still nothing. Has anyone managed to get this working? Please advise.


Trying to figure it out myself, It appears that the plugin doesn’t read the user numbers plugged in to the alarm system so is there a manual way to program them?

As I recall from my setup, the default user code in a dsc system is user code 40. But in Vera, I had to enter it as “0040”. If you program a PIN in DSC as user 1, you would enter 0001.

Hope that helps!