Send:No Response Frame

This is an interesting message to receive when trying to turn off a light through Vera2 UI4. It might mean something to some of you guys, but it is perfectly meaningless to me.

If it means “Vera has crashed and there’s nothing you can do about it remotely. Your driveway lights will just have to remain on all day until you get home to kill Vera” why doesn’t it just say that?


Sorry to hear of your issue. As I’m sure you already know, we are all suffering in some way thanks to Vera’s quirks!!

For me, it’s the door locks. I can never ‘trust’ that what Vera reports about them is accurate. This morning, I went to unlock a door for my kids, but Vera thought it was already ‘unlocked’. So, in order to actually get it to “unlock”, I had to tell Vera to LOCK it, wait for Vera and the lock to figure out that it’s already locked, then UNLOCK it! Really frustrating…

Was the display message “Received Empty Response”?


No, the red error message on the little drop-down message tab was “Send:No Response Frame”. You’d think that after more than a year of working with Vera I’d have learned something as simple as this, but I guess I’m just uncommonly dense.