Send Alert When accessing IPcam

First of all i don’t know if this is the right place to ask since this concerns more than one plugin.

I’m trying to get an Alert when I, or somebody is login in to of my IP cam’s using PLEG, with no luck.
The way I see it, this should be an simple logic. Under Device properties I’ve tried different device variables
such as “URL”, “DirectStreamingURL” etc.
The camera name is “p1” so for the condition I’ve tried “p1” or “p1 AND (p1; NOW > 0:01)” or “!p1;p”
And action is sending an Alert with text message.
I have one D’link cam 932L and one cam unknown brand.
Recording to the status on PLEG the condition is always true.
Can anyone tell my if i’m way of here ??? Thank you