Selling an automated home

I will be putting our home on the market in the next few months and want to advertise it as automated/smart home. I am taking my modem but leaving the Wi-Fi router and plan to change the passwords to the same for all gear that remains. The question is what to do with the Veraplus. Do I reset the Vera to factory and push the buyer in the deep end of the HA pool or leave it with the current set up? IF I leave it, the Vera has a static IP address and I could leave all the modes and scenes in place (after removing a few bridges and devices) so the buyers can access the system locally. If so, how do I de-register the Veraplus from the Vera site so the buyers can set up an account and access the Vera? Any other thoughts.

Hi there, this is how you remove your controller from the Vera cloud, so it can be assigned by the next owner.

Got to , click on Advanced

Click on Remove

Once this remove step is complete, does the new owner have a straightforward way to create their own account and add the controller? And do all the devices remain linked and the scenes remain intact this way?

I took my veraplus with me. What I ended up doing was leaving most of the GE light switches, they work just fine without the vera. I left a list of smart home devices and a brand new Atom controller. If the ne owners want home automation, they have to tools to make that happen. I did not want to get call from them abut why this won’t work or how do I do this.