Self ReTrigger timer still true


Why would this schedule still be true (after more than 12 hours) when it has to run only for 2.30 minutes? I did not have any Vera Restart in it.

Name Type Time Days Random On Delay Off After Type Off Time Off Days Random Off Delay State Last Schedule fusam_leaves Self ReTrigger None Interval 2:30 None true 2013-12-11 07:00:20.243

That looks like a bug … I will see If I can duplicate.

Well my test case worked …
Can you send/attach a FULL status report.

Here is my status report. Is another case, but with the same result. The last one I didn’t saved it. I think that I know what is happening. Unfortunately my Vera is restaring when my all-off scene is run, I think that there is a memory leak that I can’t fix (any suggestions, I have USB logging), and I think that if a restart happens while a timer is running, it misses its off time… is it possible? Because when I do my tests, it works fine, but not once I go live and start experiencing the restarts.

I was hoping this was one of your mega-plegs.
I was hoping you had a lot of timers.
I have not been able to duplicate the problem.

In fact I only have one pleg running and a second one just for tests that I use as temporary and then migrate. Do you want me to email you my whole pleg?

Concerning the timers, it keeps happening with the self retrigger, how can I help you detect that?

It has only 86 conditions, but very little timers.

I need a debug log file showing the time from the before the self time … to after the timeout should have happened. (You turn debug on by setting the Debug property in the Advanced tab to 1)

A FULL status report (Please do not edit things out). And a statement of what you did and what did and did not happen as expected.

Richard, here is a full status report from yesterday. I will try to be as clear as possible:

[ol][li]fusam_on is a ping sensor for my mobile.[/li]
[li]fusam_leaves is a Self Retrigger schedule that is fired when fusam_on becomes false. It became true at 7:00:20 (I have a self restart for my phone every morning at 7 AM), it should have turned back to false at 7:02:50, but it stayed true.[/li]
[li]fusam_on became true again 7.02.10 (before the self-timer ended) but this doesn’t do anything with the timer, so it should have keep running and turn false as predicted… but it didn’t.[/li]
[li]fusam_on became false again at 10.39.15, I know because of the condition named fusam_left_home (and was the time when I left home).[/li]
[li]The timer fusam_leaves should have change its state to true, but it didn’t because it was already true since 7:00:20![/li][/ol]

I can’t recall if there was a Vera Restart in between, but I think that there was not. Unfortunately I don’t have the logs for yesterday, not even in VeraAlerts. I deleted them by mistake.

Right now is “working” because I change the schedules to Self Trigger, but I am looking for retrigger because I think is safer. The condition that fires when everything becomes true is turn_off_all_empty_home (which fires an all-off scene, number 6), so when there is only one mobile at home, any disconnections without this timers working fine, ends in turning all the house off when it shouldn’t. Previously I was using NOW instead of timers, but I decided to change to have more stability and less CPU and RAM compromise.

OK, Yesterday i tested with Self Trigger … Let me build and test with Self ReTrigger …

Hey Richard, me again. Do you have news about self retrigger? I am having some other issues, I am attaching a full log with PLEG and VeraAlerts enabled. Not Verbose Logging (tell me if you also need this). The thing is that when the condition turn_off_all_empty_home, the engine crashes and I can’t get why… it crashes every time. I don’t even get the first alert of that action…

I have review a little and I think that this timestamps would help you see what I am talking about:

06 12/15/13 23:56:09.286 ← this is when my phone leaves and it starts a timer to wait if it gets back.
06 12/15/13 23:58:45.288 ← this is when the timer completes and my phone is not back, it triggers the action tu turn off all.
01 12/15/13 23:58:54.584 ← this is when I start getting a lot of errors that I don’t understand
01 12/15/13 23:59:59.008 ← the final fail and when it starts dumping 35 locks.
01 12/15/13 23:59:59.543 ← when it announces that is going to reload and quit
2013-12-16 00:00:09 ← finally it is terminated with code 137 and announces the crash.

Thanks as always!