Selection of tts notifications

Hello ,

Is it possible to have somehow a selections of tts notifications where vera choose from a selection when a notification is send? If I remember well this was/is an option with sonos called "dynamic message"or so.

The idea;

A small database with different tts messages for a notification.

-good day

-bye bye
-have a nice day

If in the “message override” I would insert “1” , vera would choose one of the messages , if I insert in another “2” vera would choose one of the messages in the “2” database.

Hope I am making myself clear. :-X

Is something like this possible , or an option for a future release?


This will not likely get done anytime soon in Vera Alerts …

You can send alerts from LUA (from scenes or PLEG actions) which will allow you to dynamically construct messages.

Thanks for your reply Richard.

I have no idea how to do this with Lua… I will stick with the messages I have now , It would be a nice feature though.