Seen for Combination Switch

Hay all I created two Combination Switch one with all my door and window sensors closed and one for them open I want to make a seen that will run a few times a day to let me know that everything is ok and closed please help

You probably only need the one Combination Switch. Keep the one that tests for all windows being closed. I will assume that you’ve set it up so that when ALL doors/windows are closed, the Combination Switch is ON.

Make a scene, and assign a schedule to it for the times of day that you want to check. Say: 10 am; 2 pm; 6pm. Give that scene one action: Poke the Combination Switch.

Make a notification. Give it the condition: Poked while switch is off. This notification should come to you only when there is a door/window open.

There are plenty of variations on this theme, so feel free to experiment.

Someone will be along shortly to explain how you can do the same thing in PLEG.

thanks Ill try it

cannot get it to work

So what does work? Does the switch count the closed doors/windows properly? Does the icon change when you open one window? Does anything happen when you manually press the Poke button?

I can only help you if you provide useful descriptions.