Seeking Upgrade Advice -

So I have a rather old Vera 2 system on firmware 1.1.1245. Originally purchased around 2011 or so. I also have it wired in to my Honeywell Vista 10SE using the Ademco AD2USB module and the plug-in posted here. I have avoided upgrading my UI for a few years b/c I remember setting up the AD2USB was a huge pain and I didn’t want to have to do it again. My Vera is integral to most of my home functions - thermostat, lights, motion, alarm, entry, etc.

Fast forward to now - My Vera 2 has become incredibly unreliable in the past few months. Constantly going off-line - can’t connect to the dashboard via PC or iPhone, won’t activate devices. I have to unplug it and plug it back in. It might work for 48 hours w/o needing a reset…IF I’m lucky.

I think at this point, I’m about to bite the bullet and try and upgrade it. I noticed that the new Vera Lite’s are cheap, AND much more powerful than my old Vera 2. I’m considering just buying a Vera Lite rather than upgrading.

Can anyone provide me any advice on upgrading from an old UI Vera 2 to a Vera Lite? Or is it easier to upgrade what I have?
-What’s the best way to migrate my old devices and scenes to the new device? Or is it just easier to start from scratch?
-Can I still use the Alarm plug-in and the AD2USB with the Lite and the new UI?
-Any other reasons why the Lite might not be the best option?
-Other thoughts?

I plan to read the threads here to get some other advice. I’m not a newbie to Vera, and have several virtual devices, custom code, etc…BUT, I’m not a programmer and I kind of hack stuff together as I go. We just had our 1st child, so time is very limited, and I’m hoping to NOT open Pandora’s box and need hours and hours devoted to this upgrade/swap if possilbe.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!