Security System

So I’m looking into security systems and home automation and Vera looked like a good place to start.

What I’m looking for is a security system (Wired and wireless) that is compatible with Vera. Ideally this system will not have a monthly fee and will be able to alert us by sms/email via Vera or it’s own integrated notification system. The security system also needs to have a siren that can be disabled (or just not have a siren).

Some things I’d like to do:
Have lights in certain rooms turn on when the security system is tripped while armed
Have PINs on the security system activate certain scenes (such as turning on office lights and outlets)
Have a door keypad disarm the system or activate an alarm if certain codes are entered
Ability to view armed/disarmed status from another room (Vera on smartphone?)
Maybe even a keyfob to lock/unlock and arm/disarm? (This can probably be taken care of with some scripting in Vera?)

Any advice on systems? I’ve reviewed the list of compatible alarm panels from

If you have not done so already I suggest that you look over the forum as there is a wealth of information on this very topic.

  • Garrett