Security Package - Help with HD Camera Setup

I purchased the security package and trying to set up the new vistahd cams. I have followed the instructions that cam in the box and then those on No matter what I do I can not get the vera lite to recognize the camera. The camera powers on, does a pan of the room and the red light on the front just keeps blinking. I have downloaded the app mios update utility that the instructions say I need but nothing. What am I missing?

I try to manually add the camera but cant get a pic and do not know what settings to add. I am running version 1.5.408. My net & wifi settings are set to auto detect and auto config.

Thank you for any help. I did try searching the forums before posting but could not find a string on this.

I resorted to connecting the camera via Ethernet cable for initial set-up. (Single Foscam wifi camera)

Update your vera firmware as well. The latest version is 1.5.622.

  • Garrett

I went to the firmware section and it says that I have the latest firmware 1.5.408 How do I locate the updated firmware you refer to?

I did connect via cable to set up with no luck. maybe the firmware is the issue. Is this firmware 1.5.662 for the vera lite?

Follow the instruction here:


Yes. This is for VeraLite.
Curiously, you can’t do it from Vera’s own firmware update page.

Yes, I did find the update and loaded it. No luck however getting the veralite to automatically recognize the vistacam HD. Anyone else have these cameras? Anyone else having difficulty? Thank you for your help.

I contacted tech support and they remoted in and did the installs for me. I am waiting on a rply for motion sensing support