Security KeyPad to trigger scenes?

I’m looking for a keypad that I can add to my system as a device and use it to trigger scenes - one scene is sufficient. The caveats:

  • It needs to be weatherproof so I can mount it outside
  • It needs to support PIN codes, multiple ones
  • PIN codes should be configurable from the central system

It -appears- that the Poly Pad would come pretty close, but it seems that it only works with the Poly Lock.

Before you ask… :slight_smile:

I’m considering creating my own control for my garage door opener using a Z Wave plug. The scene would be to turn on the plug and then turn it off a couple of seconds later. This momentary application of power would apply power to a normally-open relay (closing it). The “other side” of the relay would be connected to the terminals that are used for wired controllers and closing the circuit would put the door into operation. After a couple of seconds, the power would be shut off and the circuit would re-open.

Right now, I have a standard wireless keypad that communicates directly with the wireless receiver mounted to the opener via a secured frequency. Punch in a code and the door opens. Punch in the code again and the door closes. That’s it. It’s all I need. Enter the code and the scene is triggered.

I have Polypad and can use it as ordinary z-wave device able to switch whatever you want. It would be perfect for what you need.

It sounds like the Poly Pad does -not- need to interact with the Poly Lock… That would be great.

Can you tell me anything “practical” about using the Poly Pad that isn’t readily found from the manual or similar? Is it weather proof so that I could mount it outside the garage door?

Could I have it trigger a scene so that it will activate the relay for the garage door and also turn on interior / exterior lights at night?

Also - do you have a specific model that you own or a reference maybe from where you purchased it so that I can see a more specific list of features on it and cost?

I use it outside under small roof for entrance opening and alarm. It is rated as waterproof and it has a rubber seal. I did not try using it outside without shade so I cant comment how it would survive rainy weather. Regardless of rubber seal the casing itself is plastic so it’s questionable how this can survive extreme cold/heat/rain/sun.

I use only Polypad, don’t need the lock itself. I use it to trigger devices and scenes if needed. It works well and fast. Sadly there were no instruction manuals in the package with device, but you can find them online easily.

I bought mine EU version here

wonder when they may have one available in the US