Security delay

How can I add a type REIs when opening or closing of a light.

The value of time is determined randomly between values of plus or minus 30 minutes.

Thank you! for your advice.

I used this feature in Homeseer software for many years.

This is useful, for example, once the light turns on 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time and the next occurrence, it takes 18 minutes later. This capability provides a safety effect from the ex?tieur of the residence. Therefore, the lights often do not always at the same time and do not always close at the same time (+ or - secutity delay (random)).

If this is not available, in that it draws so I suggest to the Vera?


PLEG has random capabilities on it’s timer … it’s not PLUS or MINUS … it’s only PLUS …

Instead of +/- 30 in Homeseer set your timer 30 minutes earlier in PLEG and use a random ON time of 1 Hour.

You can couple with sunrise/sunset to give you random times relative to sunrise and sunset … often that’s when people turn on lights anyway.

Thank you!,
I PLEG downloader. I began to examine the application and try it.
Looking what way the enable and use it in a “scene.”