Securing home from fire attacks

Recently we were victims of a fire attack in my home and every thing there was caught by fire. I have suffered huge loss and have shifted to another home and I have thought of installing a fire alarming system. Right now I have consulted Canadian Security professionals. Is here anyone who has experienced their service. Can anyone suggest me some tips to protect my home from fire and I have 2 grandchildren at my home and I need to get alerts when they open the doors. So I need a package which includes both the needs. What is your opinion regarding this?Thanks in advance

I assume you are asking about the company called “Canadian Security Professionals” which is an authorized ADT dealer. Their web site heavily promotes the ADT Protectron “Smart Security System” - which seems to meet your requirements. Reviews of this system (and ADT’s service) range broadly from terrible to great which is typical of these large nationwide companies - take a look at:

My advice is to talk to friends and neighbours - find out what system they are using, who installed it, who monitors it and whether they are happy with it. Often smaller companies serving a local market seem to make people more happy than the large nationwide companies in this business.

Though you have posted in the Vera home automation discussion forum, I think most Vera users would recommend against using Vera as your primary home monitoring system for fire and security - Vera is not reliable enough for such a critical function. However, once you have a basic dedicated fire and security system installed and if you are keen to do a bit of DIY you set up a simple Z-wave system of sensors, perhaps some cameras, and the Vera controller to help you keep track of your grandkids when they are at home.

Many (Most ? All?) alarm systems have the ability to add fire monitoring.
There a few of these systems that also interface nicely with Vera … and all of the security sensors can be used in automation.

I use DSC and they have smoke sensors.
You can either have a monitoring service monitor your alarm for security or fire, or you can user Vera.
You will have to evaluate the pros and cons of which solution works for you.

Thank you for giving wonderful suggestions.