Secure SSR302 2-channel Receiver

Evening all

I currently installed the above device and having issues with controlling it.

I removed my current thermostat and connected correct wires to SSR302 as manual and i have managed to include it into vera. But i am getting the error “Unable to get any information on node”

Any ideas?


Did you get any where with this device? I’m currently looking at using one with a Vera, to provide much more flexible control of my central heating and hot water. From what I can see it is a direct electrical equivalent to the basic LP241 currently installed:

The main challenge I see is that I would need a thermostat with a timer and temperature sensor to control the CH channel. Not sure how the timing control of the HW would then work but, if nothing else, I could use the Vera to do this or my own home control system, using the Vera as a simple gateway.


I bought one but then changed it for 2 of the single channel SSR303s. It worked perfectly well but I didn’t like the fact that you had to press buttons to get the status of either channel - nor did I like the way it was presented in Vera as a parent device and two children. With the pair of SSR303s you have a permanent indication of the channel status and just the two devices in Vera.

In terms of setup it’s fairly straightforward. Mark at Vesternet has been very helpful getting it set up, and their guides are very useful. I also found this topic useful for the initial pairing:

I have a thermostat bound to the CH controller, with Vera controlling the schedule for the setpoints. I use PLEG for running the HW scheduling, partly because the controllers need to receive a signal every hour or they go into a fail safe mode. Easy to work around though.