Secure location based triggers to open Zwave door locks


I’m wondering if there is a zwave product which allows you to trigger events when it either connects to your phone via bluetooth or somehow GPS based?

I have a yale lock on my garage door and front door. As much as I love the locks, it can be a bit of a pain when I have my hands full and have to punch in my code. Is there any way of triggering something which then triggers the door to unlock? I know I could set a motion sensor in my garage to unlock the door but that’s not secure. I’d prefer something like a bluetooth module which when my phone is connected to it, it knows its me and then in turn unlocks the door.

I’m aware of other products like the August Lock which can do this, but I want to make it work with my Zwave equipment.


NFC Tags? still have to get phone out and unlock, key probably be easier.

Could try Llama for Android and setup a cell phone location based unlock via AuthomationHD plugin.

i do that via ping sensors …

the DHCP server assigns my wife phone the same IP. if the house is Armed and her phone is detectet, it does unlock.

not super secure, but as long the mac:id of the phone is not written down by anyone … its a nice way to do it.

Javelin, I unfortunately don’t have NFC on my phone.

Nullx8, that’s genius! Can you briefly explain how I setup ping sensors? Is it easy to setup to work with my phone and my wife’s phone so either one of us is home or both of us are home and the door unlocks?

i made this video Secure, Keyless entry with iPhone, z-Wave Lock and Vera - YouTube
the beauty on that is that you not need ANY app … since the phone will establish the wifi connection anyway if its wakes up.
you can see i not even unlock the phone … i just press the power putton to wake it up.

1 - log on to your router (or whatever gives the IP adresses in your network)
make sure the phone has a Static IP (so it will be always the same at your home for the phone)

2 - instal the Ping Sensor (can get it from the mios store called “WOLPlusPing”

3 - create a sensor (the plugin installer will create one anyway … you can use that)

  • add the IP in advanced tab under “IP”
  • set the “Period” to somethings acceptable (i have it at 15, so worst case i have to wait 15 sec in front of the door)

that should work already.

now there is another thing you need to take care of … which is the “state of the house”
i have a “away” feature … and i do check against that to trigger the “open door”

you need somethings to check against to prevent to lock from beeing opened all the time.
if you have a Away Button or a variable for this then you good to go.

create a scene (if you have a away feature already you may have a scene already to disarm the house or make “some” preperation for comming home.
you can use this one … just add another trigger which is the Newly added ping switch turned ON

in the trigger - luup add somethings like this

-- this running only if away is on 
if (luup.variable_get("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1", "Status", 61) == "1") then
  return true
  return false

my “away” switch is id 61 … the trigger will always fire if the phoes does wake up.
but this piece of code will cancel the whole scene if away is turned off … so nothing will happen if you at home already.

this is to prevent the door keeps unlocking

[quote=“nullx8, post:5, topic:178034”]you need somethings to check against to prevent to lock from beeing opened all the time.
if you have a Away Button or a variable for this then you good to go.[/quote]
actually there is another version of the ping switch with emulates a Motion detector (i use the WOL Version emulating a switch)
with this (if you not have the away option) you can just check against the ARMED setting then instead of a switch.

wel i guess you get the idea … endless possibilities