Second Vera in new location

I have a question regarding a Veraedge I just bought. From 3 years back, I have a Veralite running UI5 in an other location, and this will still continue to operate.

My question now is whether I shall register the new Veraedge under the same user, or under a new one. Will I get the new UI7 dashboard with a new user, or will I get UI5 on both, if I choose to use the same user?

Unless you are going to upgrade you VeraLite to UI7, they will have to be two seperate accounts as UI7 uses a different logon service than UI5, I believe.

You have to register separately for UI7, it’s a different URL from UI5. I have both and used the same name.

Thanks, I will go ahead and register a new user for the VeraEdge