Second Sqblaster very slow to activate commands

Hi folks !

I have installed my second sqblaster and all is ok, even turning on and off zwave lights from my vera3 is very fast.


when try turn on my tv and anothers devices all is very slow…

my another sqblaster in my living room works fast and perfect. but this another in my bedroom is slow to command IR devices.

someone with a question about ?
firmware update maybe ? I can see is different from my living room version.


The first thing I would do is run ping against it, over a period of time, to see how well “connected” the WiFi channel on the device is. If that’s successful, then you’ll likely need to reach out to SquareConnect via their support function (on their site) to get attention to diagnose the situation.

They typically want to know things like the type/model/make of WiFi router you’re using, along with the FW versions of the SQBlaster device itself.

Thanks guessed I will follow your tips