Second notification?


I’m still very new to many aspects of Vera. Today I’m trying to learn about notifications.

The issue at hand is that I can’t figure out how to notify a second person. I’ve created events, like notifying me when the door is unlocked, but I only have the option to notify the primary account. I don’t see anything for a second user.

I’ve created another administrator account for my wife, because I want her to also get notified when the door gets unlocked, but I don’t know how to add her because there’s no checkbox with her username…

What am I doing wrong?

You must not have created/and/or associated her with your Vera Correctly.

You can find out who as access to your Vera from the following URL, executed on your Browser on a computer that is connected to the same Local Area Network as your Vera:

It should provide 1 line per authorized user. (The user is the 3rd field)